TEK is the newest (September 2010), the most professional, best financed and well-equipped state agency in Hungary. Under the direct supervision of the Hungarian Ministry of Interior, the Counter Terrorism Centre is tasked with preventing terrorist attacks, solving national and international hostage crises, capturing and arresting dangerous armed criminals, fighting organized crime and protecting the Hungarian government. They are also a member of the Atlas Network, a grouping of the special police units of the 27 states of the European Union.




The fourth largest local policing agency and the largest Sheriff’s Department in the United States, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, or LASD, is home of one of the most experienced and respected SWAT units in the country. The SEB is often looked to by national and international law enforcement agencies for training and advice. Responsible for a territory of 4,752 sq mi, with a population of 3,000,000+, they are also one of the busiest teams in the United States.




From the small island of Mocanguê, in the Rio de Jainero bay, the Brazilian Navy Combat Divers Group can strike anywhere. Whether in the huge Amazon river and its surrounding hostile jungle, or in the oceanic strip of the Brazilian coast, they are ready for any maritime interdiction actions, hostage rescues or facility recovery situations that may arise. They are the tip of the spear of the Brazilian Navy and will play a central security role during the soccer world cup in June and then of the Olympics games in 2016.