Zásahová jednotka Czech Republic


Their territory of action is in northern Bohemia and their mission is to fight against organized and violent criminals, kidnappers and dangerous or armed offenders of all sort. They can also be deployed to protect or restore public order or assist during natural disasters. Capable of deploying from every dimension, “Zásahová Jednotka” is a well trained, motivated and adapable intervention unit of the Czech Republic Police.


COBRA Austria


Active at national and international level, the special unit of the Austrian Law Enforcement system, known as “Special Task Force COBRA” has undergone several thorough evolutions during its more than 25-year eventful history. Geopolitical changes and evoluting security policy conditions have brought permanent adjustment and ongoing development of the organizational structures and scope of operations of this well known and respected unit.


Special Forces Belgium


Often deployed on short notice all over the globe by land, air or sea, the Special Forces Group operates in small teams for extended periods of time, far away from its base and in sensitive or hostile environments with little or no external support. With a very high level of physical and psychological stamina, a great team spirit  and thorough tactical and technical knowledge, the unit is well prepared for those challenging missions.