The Special Response Team of the ATF was formed to manage the inherent risks associated with the investigation and apprehension of some of the United States most violent criminals. SRT operations involves arrest and search warrants, home invasion investigations, robberies, undercover operations, rural operations, tracking of personnel in rural areas by human and canine operators, high-risk surveillance, quick response to natural disasters and high threat protection detail assignments.


Despite its “only” 200 000 inhabitants, Geneva is a highly important place for both the international diplomatic and financial scenes. Thus, the potential threats that GIGG is managing are looking more and more like the ones of a much bigger European capital. With a certain “Swiss spirit” (modesty and discretion) the unit shows great professionalism and can implement wide competences, backed with top of the range equipments.

IG-EULEX European Union

Landlocked in the central Balkan Peninsula with a strategic position, Kosovo is a disputed territory and partially recognized state with inter-ethnic tensions between Serbs and Kosovar. IG EULEX is tasked by the European Union with assisting local authorities with high-risk operations such as hostage rescue and arresting armed criminals and was put together with operators from several Police counter terrorism units from all over Europe.